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Door Lock System

Door Lock System

GUSTAVO 560 Card door opening lock
Lock system tested 300,000 times
Japan Mabuchi micro-motor tested 500,000 times
Operating Frequency    125 KHz 
Card Type    Temic Card
Card Reading Distance    5-8 cm
Perfect Transition    It has the feature of recognizing cards such as Master Card, Building card, Floor Card, Visitor card, Emergency card, and hotel managers can change each card authorization at any time and report card usage as needed.
Power Supply    DC4.5V-6.5V, 4 standard 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life    Max is 25,000 passes and there is a low battery warning.
Mechanical Lock    In case of emergency or battery depletion, entry can be made with a mechanical key. A spare key is available for the Hotel Manager.
Magnetic Protection    Anti-static body can operate without loss even under the influence of a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Volts
Static Current    <20 uA
Instantaneous Dynamic Current    <150 mA
Card reading and writing    <0.5 seconds
Weight    Approximately 3 kg.
Operating Temperature    -20+85 Degrees
Operating Humidity    15-95% Relative humidity
Data Battery    The setup data battery inside can store the information in its memory for 10 years in case the battery runs out.

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